About us

We are El Animal Emocional

Our great passion which has driven the growth of El Animal Emocional is for interpersonal communication.

Our team consists of specialists in corporate communication with a background working with international companies in industries such as technology, sport, environment and FMCG. 

Our work has always focused on the creation and management of teams in which every person is unique and has specific needs in order to succeed. This method formed the basis of the person-centered therapy that is now practised by El Animal Emocional.

After years of personal and professional therapy through which we explored directive and non-directive methods, El Animal Emocional was opened in 2018 with one central goal:  to provide a secure space for people to connect with their emotions and lived experience, free from judgement, allowing them to discover the answers they need in order to heal, develop and grow.

We are committed to accompanying the people who visit us, be they individuals, couples or groups, allowing them to discover and manage their emotions in order to achieve personal transformation. We offer native English and Spanish therapists.

We do not push our clients to meet specific objectives or adopt certain behaviours. Our person-centred method is designed to help people connect with their true self, a process which always makes the path ahead seem clearer. If you’re looking for a therapy that celebrates all that you are, you’ve come to the right place.

hojas verdes acuarela
hojas verdes acuarela
Foto de Ana Sánchez Anegón

The El Animal Emocional method

When we experience ill health, where does it come from? Chemical imbalance? Environment? Or are there emotional factors too?

Sickness is linked to our emotional state. Repressing our feelings can lead to internal anxiety, stress, and often physical manifestations. Your emotions demand to be heard. However, listening to and actively expressing our emotions is not easy, since from a young age we are taught to hide our emotions: not to cry, not to get angry, not to disturb those around us. This causes us to create an idealised version of ourselves that is colder, less emotional, in order to be accepted by others.

Numerous studies and articles are now talking about the link between expressing our emotions and mental health. We believe emotional awareness is essential to achieving the best version of ourselves.

This is where The Emotional Animal comes from.

How we work

Applying this method in private or group sessions, we provide a space for people to freely express their doubts, discomforts or fears that are blocking them from making decisions or feeling more comfortable in their lives. We help you to discover your real needs.

With the EAE method, you are in control of the outcomes. It differs from other therapies because it does not rely only on the experience of the therapist, but on the client too. We provide a framework of trust and emotional transparency, but the ultimate direction of the therapy comes from your personal feelings and how you encounter them as an individual.

In EAE method, people are the priority. All sessions carried out are completely confidential. In addition, we guarantee complete respect for the beliefs and values  that you bring to the therapy, no matter what.

Social values

Through choosing El Animal Emocional, you are also supporting Alternativa en Marcha, an NGO focused on the protection, support and integration of mothers at risk of social exclusion.

Helping to create a society of freedom

Our therapy celebrates the power of individual expression and through our work, we aim to give people the tools to live the truest version of themselves. 

Around the world we are seeing the continued threat of gender injustice and mistreatment of those who identify as women. We continue to research these issues and see women’s emotional health as key to societal progress. 

By giving voice to our feelings, we can create action, both within our own lives and those around us. That is why we have partnered with “Alternativa en Marcha”, which provides a refuge for marginalised women from all backgrounds.

Mission Statement

“Alternativa en Marcha” is a non-profit organization that seeks to achieve a fairer world through welcoming, supporting and working for the integration of mothers at risk of social exclusion, refugee women and families without economic resources.

Over 25 years fighting for:



If you identify with the mission of Alternativa en Marcha we invite you visit their web to learn more