You deserve to be happy in your relationship without sacrificing who you are

Couple therapy | Self-esteem | Conflict management

We help to resolve conflicts within couples or other relationships where one or more member is feeling unhappy. A healthy relationship is one where each person can be independent, while sharing common goals that allow them to develop their individual potential in a harmonious way.



With our Flourish Programme you get a month of weekly sessions in English or Spanish that help you to:

1-Improve your relationship with yourself and your partner/loved ones:

⦁ Learn to connect with yourself in order to better connect with loved ones.

⦁ Understand how to manage your emotions in moments of conflict and develop tools to express yourself more clearly and assertively.

⦁ Accept your limits with yourself or in your relationship.

⦁ Regain the ability to function as a team, forming shared goals and building healthy plans.

⦁ Establish healthy limits with family and friends.

⦁ Deal with betrayal and learn from it.

⦁ Recover passion and sexual desire.

⦁ Develop sexual communication that helps form new connections and builds intimacy.

2-Cope with the pain of a breakup:

⦁ Detach from your current relationship and take secure decisions as an individual.

⦁ Learn to manage your own emotions after a breakup and gain self-awareness and acceptance.

⦁ Recover your self-esteem and self-confidence.

⦁ Overcome the barriers to trusting in another relationship. 

Recover your emotional balance and live without crippling self-expectation.

Sessions designed around you

Through weekly one-hour sessions, you will get in touch with the person you want to be.

Sessions can be online or in-person, depending on your preference. 

We do not set limits or expectations; you decide what success looks like and how long you want the therapy process to last.

We guarantee that, in less time than you think, you will feel more secure, strong and confident in yourself. You will be more able to love yourself for who you are and resolve your conflicts, taking decisions without fear of what others may think.

hojas verdes acuarela

You decide when it ends

As you are the one to decide when to start a therapy processs; you should be the one to decide when it ends.

Forget about obligatory 3, 6 or 12 month packages. 

When you feel you have met a level of happiness, security or control that makes you feel more comfortable in your abilities to relate to others, express your needs and make decisions, that is when the therapy has been successful.

You should feel proud of yourself. The first step is always the hardest: recognising that you need help. It’s a very brave and positive decision. We look forward to speaking soon.