Don't be your harshest critic. Be your strongest ally

If you are feeling unhappy, frustrated, or having difficulty controlling your emotions, it’s time to take back control. We don’t sell miracle cures; we give you the strength to follow your own convictions and shape your life the way you want it.

If this resonates with you,
you have reached your emotional limit

hojas verdes acuarela
hojas verdes acuarela
hojas verdes acuarela

When we are living in a state of anxiety and distress, every day feels like a chore. In time, our physical health can also deteriorate. Our emotions are linked to our mind, body and spirit. Your body needs peace, calm and acceptance in order to function.

These anxieties stop us from relaxing; we stop making time for ourselves and our thoughts always turn to the same place of restlessness and discomfort. This can lead to a deterioration in our personal relationships, and most importantly, can cause a disconnection with our true self; the person who seeks peace and happiness in life.

It is natural to feel sad and angry. They are core parts of our emotional makeup. But instead of repressing them, we have to observe these emotional states and treat them so that they do not become permanent moods.

When our emotions seem uncontrollable, they are telling us that something is wrong. Our mind becomes a loop of negative feelings, and we need to study the causes in order to break this cycle.

We will work to understand your emotions, change your mindset and confront your problems

By accepting the way you feel and the life you want to live can clear obstacles and give you a clear sense of determination, as well as helping you to:


It's time to overcome your emotional barriers

In our therapy, YOU are the person in control.

Through methods inspired by the person-centered approach created by Carl Rogers, our sessions will be characterised by the following three conditions:

Through self-exploration at the emotional level, you will be able to experience yourself in a new way and understand your inner world. You will discover what you need to take the reins of your life and make the necessary decisions. We will accompany you throughout the process and help you to strip away everyday distractions and preconceptions, leaving you back in touch with your true self. 

Regain your sense of balance and live without burdens.

Going to therapy is for the brave

With our therapy you will be able to understand yourself better and build strength to take more positive steps towards happiness. Deciding to inspect aspects of your life where there is pain, misunderstanding and lack of clarity is a decision that requires a lot of courage. You will always be the one in control and you decide the direction you want the therapy to take.

Become your strongest ally and discover the best version of yourself.

Sessions designed around you

Through weekly one-hour sessions, you will get in touch with the person you want to be.

Sessions can be online or in-person, depending on your preference. 

We do not set limits or expectations; you decide what success looks like and how long you want the therapy process to last.

We guarantee that, in less time than you think, you will feel more secure, strong and confident in yourself. You will be more able to love yourself for who you are and resolve your conflicts, taking decisions without fear of what others may think.

What price do you put on therapy?

As much as that new qualification you’re studying for?

The price of your wednesday yoga class?

The same as you would spend on a saturday night?

Our therapy offers:

A secure and liberating space

A stress-free environment without hard expectations

Empathetic listening with zero judgement

A space where you are the leader

Unconditional acceptance

Personalised and flexible service with no obligations

Let's get started

If you’re still with us, you’ve seen the ways that you can explore your personal doubts and challenges. So now it’s time to talk specifics.

Not sure this is for you? Why not take a trial session?

For €60 we will arrange an individual session where you can tell us your story, express everything you are concerned about or want to achieve. You can add further single sessions afterwards, or opt for one of our multi-session packages.

Looking for emotional support in the short term?


Our Flourish package is €229 and offers one month of weekly sessions, or four single sessions to use at the time you need them. 

Needing a long-term process of self-discovery?

Our Rise package is €449 offering 8 sessions, the equivalent of 3 months of therapy, to help you take control of your life. The best value offer for those who want to commit themselves to a full journey of self-discovery. Add further packs of 8, 4 or 1 session depending on preference.

You decide the format of your sessions

Sessions can be in person (Sierra de Madrid) or online, or a mixture of the two depending on your needs.

Single session


Flourish: 4 session pack


Reduced per-session cost allowing you to plan a month of therapy in advance

Rise: 8 session pack


Additional per-session discount. Designed for three month duration.

Remember: YOU decide the format and outcomes of your therapy

Therapy is not just for people who feel ‘sick’. A lot of therapy begins with feelings of general unease or simply from curiosity. You can lay everything out in your first session and together we can decide where we could begin. When you start to open up, important emotions come to the surface which can be explored further.

In our therapy you will never feel judged or pressured to discuss anything. In person-centred therapy, you decide how to peel back the layers of your life. You will feel free to talk about any topic you consider important, and explore the emotions it brings up. There will be no stress, no expectation, no criticism. The important thing is that you feel in control at all times.

This is incredibly normal, particularly when starting therapy. Your therapist has an important role in listening to what you are saying and how you are saying it, which helps us to establish how you are really feeling. By describing your emotions in the present moment, without filters, you will soon realise you are making progress.

A single session is €60. If you are ready to commit to more than one session, the price starts to drop. We offer packs of 4 sessions for €220 or packs of 8 sessions for €449. You can mix and match the type of packs you buy and you can programme your sessions over any period you like. 

We recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Particularly if you are starting therapy, it is helpful to get into the habit of exploring your emotions on a regular basis. We would never recommend more than one weekly session: with this method, you need time to process the emotions we have raised. Often, it can trigger memories or feelings you hadn’t previously considered.

There is no such thing as being ‘good’ at therapy. You don’t need any experience or knowledge; all you need is the desire to explore your feelings. It all comes from what’s already inside you.

If you’re really unsure, we can offer a 15 minute conversation before organising a first session. If you feel understood and accepted after that conversation, we can move forward.

You will never be required to pay for more than one session in advance. Our model is flexible and adaptable to your needs. We offer 4-session and 8-session packs for those who want to commit to a process, but these are optional. If you choose to pay for single sessions, you can do so on a weekly or monthly basis.

You are the only one who can decide when to stop. We will not set you specific goals or objectives; our aim is to help you feel more secure with who you are and better equipped to deal with the issues that you are struggling with. People ending their process with us describe feeling self-acceptance, increased self-confidence and resolve to tackle future challenges.

hojas verdes acuarela

You decide when it ends

As you are the one to decide when to start a therapy processs; you should be the one to decide when it ends.

Forget about obligatory 3, 6 or 12 month packages. 

When you feel you have met a level of happiness, security or control that makes you feel more comfortable in your abilities to relate to others, express your needs and make decisions, that is when the therapy has been successful.

You should feel proud of yourself. The first step is always the hardest: recognising that you need help. It’s a very brave and positive decision. We look forward to speaking soon.